We Are A Comprehensive sports coaching company.

We are excited to deliver quality coaching services and help you adopt the lifestyle you deserve through developing the skills you require.

We Are Real World Practitioners

All of our Coaches are Nationally Certified. We won’t waste your time with theories and ‘bro science’. We’ll come to you with what works. We have helped hundreds of people just like you to look and feel their best. Health and fitness may be our current passion, but for a lot of our clients it doesn’t come naturally. We know how to be flexible in our approach so you enjoy pursuing your goals.

We Are Outcome Driven

Our experience is that 99% of coaches are passionate about the field they work in. Unfortunately they think they are awesome because they are personally fit themselves. We know that the only way we are awesome is if we get you to your goals. We aren’t satisfied with trading “dollars for sessions”. We take client results very seriously. Only if you’re successful, do we feel that we are successful.

We Walk The Walk

Having said that, we are hyper passionate about our own health and fitness. This makes us avid learners. We are always looking for the best tactics in this ever evolving industry. We believe a good coach “leads from the front”. We know how important it is that we inspire you to achieve your absolute best. We won’t let you down!”

Real People. Real Results.

"Well... miracle workers! That's all I can say really!
My wife and I had our son 5 years ago and ever since, I've just been gradually gaining weight. I worked from home, so I was left on baby duty when my wife returned back to work. I tried the 5-2, keto and Atkins diets... as well The Body Coach 90 day challenge. Yes, with these, I got some results, but I could never keep them. I felt lost and trapped. I never thought I was going to be able to enjoy myself. The area I have to praise is the way they educate on how your body ACTUALLY works.
I think we all need some TLC."


“Erm yeah... they work. Like actually work!
I was a bit unsure when they first contacted me. I had tried online coaching before and had my fingers burnt. I didn't benefit from it.

These guys well and truly restored my faith in the process. I thought it was just genetic. I was destined to be 'fluffy' my whole life.... I have abs... kinda. Its only been 4 weeks but its results I never thought I'd be able to brag to my friends about”


"I’d always been a bit of a chubby character. ‘Fluffy’ as my fiancé would say. Whatever it was, I said I was fat and over weight. It was always something that knocked my confidence when it came to our beach holiday. When we had booked our honey moon, I knew I had to make something change. I wasn’t going to be lying on the beach like a beached Whale, as newly married man.

3 months later and a semi satisfied wife later, I had met TLC and lost the weight. Safe to say I was happy taking this topless selfie”


"I signed up with TLC because I got to the point where I felt lost. I knew I wasn't happy with my physique. I actively avoided looking in the mirror. I had just launched a new business and the past 6 months had been ruled by it.

When I enquired, they told me what they did... I have to admit... I wasn't too sure... but the last 2 months has shown me it was the best decision I've made in a long time."

- Adam

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