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How does it work?

Starting your journey with us begins by submitting your enquiry. Our ecosystem of professional customer service teams and Personal Trainers begin to take care of you from this point.

You’ll receive your first contact form us instantly. Our aim is to find out exactly which areas you currently struggle with to see how we can help. From there we proceed to find out a little more about you and your current lifestyle.

Once we know how we’re going to help you, we then assign you to one of our quality trainers. They will come to you to conduct your initial assessment. This is where we analyze your current ability so as you progress, we can show you the proof. At the end of the day, it is all about seeing a difference.

As you continue your journey, our customer service team will check in on you from time to time to see how you’re getting on, ensure you’re receiving the very best service as well as provide additional support. We’re always dropping the odd tip and trick along with the occasional words of motivation to ignite your fire.

I don’t know if you’re right for me. How are you different from the rest?

When you invest in your health with TLC, you aren’t just getting a personal trainer to come and stand next to you in the gym, counting your reps. You’re getting a guardian angel to help take the pressure of not knowing what to eat, how to train or how to start putting YOU first.

TLC’s primary focus is on how to set you up for success in sustaining your results for AFTER you have finished with us.

How do I know if I’m doing the workout right?

Well, your coach is there to guide and correct any movements they see aren't done perfectly. And we say ‘perfectly’ with pride. If it’s not done perfectly then it hinders your progress but also leaves you open to potential injury and wear and tear on your body… this isn’t what TLC is about.

We’re constantly analysing your techniques to build your confidence to be able to go out and conduct the movements competently solo. We’re about building independence and sustainability.

Will I achieve my goal?

We customize a workout and nutrition plan just for you, based on the information we collect. In principle, if you follow our guidance and stay committed, you will achieve the desired results. It’s that simple.

How accurate is my nutrition plan?

Your nutrition plan is guaranteed to get your results. Think of your exercise and diet plan as a set of instructions to build your flat packed Ikea wardrobe. You follow the instructions, you end up with the wardrobe. You don't follow the instructions, you may not have the wardrobe you expected. Having said this, you follow the training programme and nutrition plan we set out for your goals, you end up with the results you want.

What if my trainer is late or he doesn’t show up to the session?

We hand-pick the most professional trainers in Dubai and make sure they are always punctual. However, in case a delay of 20 min or more occurs, or if smaller delays recur, you can contact us and we will make sure to compensate in the most adequate way for your time and frustration.

What if I am late or I don’t show up to the session?

If you are more than 20 minutes late for a confirmed session (or if you do not attend at all), then the session would be considered completed. Which means that you would have used the credit for that session.

Change my workout time or location?

This is possible free of charge, as long as your new location adheres by our terms and conditions. In such cases, you can coordinate directly with our team

Change my trainer?

This is possible free of charge. We just need to understand the reason(s) for that so we can better serve you this time.

Change my fitness goal?

Of course! It's your future, it’s your health and it’s your fitness. Everything we’re doing is to satisfy your achievement. You let us know exactly what you’re wanting to get out of us… we’ll make it happen.

Our COVID Initiative

- Social Distancing
We ensure the safety and health of both our PT’s and clients by ensuring that we keep a safe distance of at least 2m at all times. This minimises contact and potential spread between those we’re working with

- Cleaning initiative
Our team are cleaning their equipment before and after every session they’re conducting. It is sterilised using alcohol-free sanitiser.
In our partner facilities, they all abide by government guidelines of regular deep cleaning and equipment sanitisation’s

- Distance Training
For those who are conscious about the spread of COVID-19, we offer virtual training so they have the ability to train with our experts whilst having the safety and comfort of their own home

- Member caps
Four our group sessions, we have set caps for the number of people attending to ensure that it is safe for our trainers. Bootcamps we have set at 6 and semi- private is restricted 3 people. This allows the trainer to be able to provide their quality service to everybody participating whilst ensuring a safe distance is kept