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Learn to swim with TLC's academy and experience the full benefits that the water has to hold. World class coaching ensures development across all ages, all abilities.

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Learning to swim or swimming swimmingly?

Swimming has been called the perfect exercise. After all, you can get all of the benefits of an aerobic workout without the damaging impact on your joints. It can be done by all ages, from tiny tots all the way up to golden oldies. Having a dip in the pool can be either recreational, educational or even competitive.

Learning to swim is a life skill that lasts a lifetime, but also comes with the benefits of:

  • Enjoying holiday pool dips
  • Giving Micheal Phelps a run for his money
  • Joining your Grandma in her aquarobics classes

Our signature programs provide

Personal Swimming Coaching

Personal Swim coaching

  • Professionally qualified coaches will design your training to take you from swimming novice, to swimming pro
  • Whether you want to lose fat or simply increase your overall wellness and energy, our coaches can help
  • Our trainers are adaptable. Have coaching in the comfort of your  home pool. Make reaching your goals more convenient than ever before
  • Join us in our partner pools for a more enriching environment to develop your strokes
  • Want to get in a last minute session? Book a workout the day-of, giving you on-demand control over your health and wellness

Group Lessons

  • There is strength in number. TLC group swimming lessons bring the energy and encouragement of learning to swim with other of similar ability
  • Following a fully comprehensive coaching plan that covers all areas of swimming, level by level, turning you into a swim athlete
  • Assessments at the end of each swimming course ensure you're ready to take the next step up, into the big leagues

Join TLC's squad

  • Swim squad is TLC's pro swimmers. Those looking for the continual development to compete against the best
  • Swim fitness classes push you beyond just learning the basics, but push your fitness to the next level
  • TLC Swim squad regularly compete in GALA's locally in UAE as well as internationally

Swimming Classes for Kids In Dubai

Swimming is one of the first sporting lessons you can enroll your child in. Whether you have a 4-month-old or a teenager bustling with energy, swimming is one of the best physical... exercises that will help them in more than one way.

Did you know that swimming is one of the few sporting activities that can save your life in case you or someone else is drowning? Once your kids learn how to swim, they will never forget it. Of course, apart from being a life skill, you can enroll your kids in swimming classes in Dubai so that they can professionally compete later in life.

In Dubai, The Lifestyle Coach presents the best state-of-art facilities that have been constructed and developed keeping in mind the special needs of children. As the best swimming academy in Dubai, we are proud to offer your offspring the safest and best place to learn swimming. But apart from offering world-class facilities to children, TLC also offers swimming classes for adults in Dubai. We have trained and experienced coaches for both children's swimming lessons and adult swimming lessons in Dubai.

Coaches Who Inspire

If you are looking for private swimming lessons in Dubai, your search ends with TLC. Apart from the world-class facilities offered, we are proud to have the best team of coaches who teach not simply by rules but by words of encouragement. We acknowledge that teaching a kid is a lot difficult than teaching an adult and that’s why our swimming lessons in Dubai are custom designed keeping this in mind. Your child will always be safe with your experienced instructors who have first-hand knowledge on how to teach swimming.

Our swimming instructors don’t just work to teach the kids but also adults. If you are a working professional and want to learn to swim, join our exclusive courses today. Whether you want to simply cool in a luxurious pool while on holiday or want to take the steam off after a grueling day at work, learn how to swim today because it's never late to learn.

Why Learn Swimming?

The skills you learn at a swimming academy in Dubai stay with you forever. But do you know why you must learn how to swim? There are many ways swimming helps the physical, emotional, and mental growth of a person. Some reasons why you should learn swimming at the best swimming academy are -

Teaches You How to Be Safe in Water – At TLC our primary aim around kids is to teach them how to be safe in the water. The courses are specially designed so that you can practice water safety whenever necessary. We also stress teaching kids’ life-saving swimming skills. Since drowning is one of the most common causes of accidents among children, which can also lead to death, we specially train the little ones the skills they need underwater.

Great Physical Exercise – Swimming provides a fun way to keep kids and adults active. It is one of the best low-impact cardio exercises which also helps build a body’s flexibility, stamina, strength, and balance. Our swimming instructors in Dubai teach kids and adults using different techniques keeping in mind the physical condition of the student. While teaching kids, our instructors encourage them to use their arms more decisively to strengthen their core muscles while when teaching ladies, our instructors focus on strengthening their stamina.

Builds Confidence – At TLC we understand the swimming training in Dubai isn’t just about building our physical strength. It also helps to build your confidence. Our swimming classes in Dubai for ladies are specially designed to build their confidence.

Signature Programs Designed To Meet All Needs

Personal Swim Coaching – We offer personal swimming instructors who ensure that your journey from swimming novice to swimming pro happens without any glitches. If you want, we can send our instructors to teach in your home pool too. We have also chosen the best partner pools that have an enriching environment.

Group Lessons – Learning becomes more fun when in a group. The energy and encouragement your kids get at group sessions is something different. We have developed a comprehensive group coaching plan that improves your skill level by level. We also conduct assessments at the end of each course to know whether you are ready for the next level.

TLC Squad – We have the ultimate pro swimmers squad that helps you to continually improve your skills. We help push your boundaries and move beyond the basics. Our squad team regularly participates in GALA’s locally in UAE and at international competitions too.

Join Today for Some Fun Learning

If you are looking for the best swimming classes for kids in Dubai, your search ends with TLC. If you too want to learn, our swimming classes for adults in Dubai are simply the best.

Whether you want to give Michael Phelps a run for his money or simply want to lounge in the water, it isn’t a distant dream with TLC at your service. As the best swimming classes in Dubai, we have created a standard which we shall keep forever. From continuously reviewing our standards to encouraging our instructors to keep learning, we ensure that we don’t lag.

Send your children to the best kids swimming classes out there and join the fun too!

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